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Our objective is to democratise the use of new technologies to achieve smarter and more sustainable tourist destinations.


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Technology and Tourism

Artificial Intelligence (IA)

Capturing data does not provide information or added value to projects, it has to be identified, exploited and analysed to provide efficient information, thanks to AI we turn data into customised, automated and efficient reports.

Mixed Reality applications development

MRI allows us to transform any visit into a unique experience, integrating present, past and future in the present moment, all with total user autonomy and freedom of movement.

Heritage geolocation

The geolocation of heritage not only makes it accessible to the public, but also opens up a range of possibilities through interaction with other technologies and techniques such as: the creation of new routes, gamification, heritage visualisation, etc.

Development of hybrid applications

They offer the best features of a website and the simplicity and adaptability of an application, with much lower development and maintenance costs.

Turnkey solution

The irruption of new technologies is a great challenge for traditional tourism, how to reach new customer profiles and how to maximise results are a challenge, we can help you with the whole process of finding innovative solutions.

Tourism consulting

We offer our clients a comprehensive 360º service to carry out all phases of a tourism project, from updating winery visits to the development of new tourist routes with technology, we will help you.



Luxperience awarded at Turislab

Turislab, the first Galician Tourism accelerator, has awarded LuXperience, in third place, as one of the most outstanding projects in the 2021 edition.

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Successful presentation of the Science Tree

LuXperience has successfully presented in Santiago de Compostela the Tree of Science project, an innovative solution of Augmented Reality applied to Tourism. Participants will be provided with state-of-the-art glasses with which they will be able to interact with different virtual elements, bringing the Tree of Science to life. Any user will be able to broaden […]

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